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Counseling and Treatment Tools for the Changing Face of Grief and Loss

The premier virtual event for healing professionals working with grief and loss.

Death and loss feel so much closer now.

And grieving is so different…our journeys’ no longer focused on a single loss.

Instead, we're facing an accumulation of heartbreaks, sudden traumas, and a seemingly endless sense of uncertainty and collective loss.

It all adds up. Overwhelming us...

And it makes grief harder to process, leading to prolonged grief disorder, anxiety, depression and more.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with to line up the biggest names and best instructors for our 2nd annual Virtual Grief Summit…

…the world’s largest gathering of professionals working with grief.

And because the tools and techniques shared at this summit are so critical to your work, we’re offering access to the entire 2-day live event absolutely free. 

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