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Finding Cures for Incurable Diseases

3rd International Psycho-immunology & Psychobiology Research Symposium April 2-3, 2022 FREE--ONLINE

This informal, online symposium will be held Saturday and Sunday from 8am - 1pm PST, i.e., 11am to 4pm EST. The intent is to move the practice and science behind psycho-immunology and psychobiology forward through presentations and live discussion. A quiet revolution is happening in the emerging field of psycho-immunology (aka psychoneuroimmunology). Their applications promise to be fast, effective, simple, inexpensive, and without costly technology. They work on both chronic and acute illnesses in many people. These new approaches are also effective in discovering the causes of diseases of unknown etiology. We invite researchers and the public--all who are passionate about this area to share data, treatment applications, techniques, models, and results-- and to form new friendships and collaborations in an intimate and lively venue. We’ll also be talking about the nature of breakthrough research, and the ways and difficulties in moving this new area of research into academia, mainstream medicine, and widespread use. Emma Bragdon, PhD, will be giving a presentation on "Spiritual Emergency" on Sunday, April 3, at 2pm EST, and will participate in the roundtable panel discussion, Sunday, 2:30-3:30pm EST Click here to signup for this symposium. Watch live on Facebook or via zoom at the link provided at registration.

The Institute for the Study of Peak States (ISPS) is a world-wide research, teaching, and clinical treatment volunteer organization focused on the study of the psychology and biology of consciousness.

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