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Loneliness on the rise. Does anyone call to talk to anyone anymore?

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

The importance of mindfulness during these times of disconnect between people is immensely spreading. Social media is a force that contributes to the disconnectedness of people and communities and may be playing a role in increasing mental illness such as depression, anxiety and other mood disorders . Text relationships have taken over. It's important to do an introspect of your own daily habits and be mindful of whether you are doing this too. What studies show is that people need compassion, empathy, social connection to be happy, it is human nature. I don't think that a text has the ability to deliver that energy honestly.

One example is a community I'm involved in. They have addiction support through a facebook group. If you come across this group, you will find a mom posting a traumatic loss of her child and other horrifying news to get support. The support comes in the form of comments, as you can imagine, there are thousands of people who are going through addiction related issues or dealing with family who suffer from it. Whatever happened to some people getting together and getting some food over for the grieving family? Now all you see is people offering condolences by text or the like. It's not sufficient! Everyone is talking about compassion and mindfulness but hardly anyone knows what their neighbour is going through. The most common excuse is, lack of time. If we don't make time for each other to offer compassion and our human contact in this life to those we know who are going through challenges, then understand it may be time for a change!

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